Color Your Landscape with Seasonal Floral

April 30, 2020

While spending extra time at home, it’s the perfect time to plan your colorful seasonal flowers! At Environmental Designs, our floral professionals can help you create a blossoming display that fits perfectly in your landscape.

Award-winning Floral

Throughout the years, Environmental Designs is known for our stunning, vibrant floral designs and displays. Recognized by numerous awards, we are the go-to professionals you can count on to help you create floral arrangements that leave a lasting impression. When it comes to landscape floral, our horticulture experts will help guide you throughout the process and create annual flowers and a perfect Colorado perennial garden that exceeds all expectations.

Annual Flower Gardens

With an endless selection of annuals, we are prepared to help you choose the right flowers for Colorado climate. Annuals are flowers that need to be planted every year and only live through one growing season. It is important to pick flowers for their specific shade and sun requirements. There are endless options to choose from, let us help guide you to find the perfect flowers for you!

Perennial Flower Gardens

We take great pride in elevating your property’s design and character. Designing your property’s perennial garden is our specialty! We are known for creating eye-catching perennial gardens that bloom throughout the seasons.

Seasonal Flower Displays

Did you know we also design floral displays for each season? Let our experts impress you with fall floral and holiday displays that fit any occasion!

Check out our gallery for some inspiration and contact our landscape design team at Environmental Designs at (303) 287-9113 or [email protected] to schedule a floral consultation for your garden.