Enhancing Your Sparkling Swimming Pool Area

February 3, 2020

Not many people are considering renovating their swimming pool right now in January. Because our Colorado winter has been relatively mild in terms of snow, this is actually a great time to think about renovating your pool area. By the time summer rolls around, you are more likely able to enjoy your new pool than if you started your landscape enhancement project in the summer months. Here are some ideas on ways you can enhance your pool area this season.

Denver Living

Adding a hot tub to your pool area is a great way to enhance the space. This addition will allow your pool area to be useful throughout the various seasons. They are especially a great space to enjoy during a Colorado snowfall!

You may want to consider a lighting design plan for your pool area. This is a great way to enhance your space and illuminate the special features you already have. If safety is a big concern, adding outdoor lighting can be a great way to ensure the safest practices around your body of water at night. Not only can you illuminate the space around your pools, but also lighting the pool within is a great way to add ambiance and set the mood of the space.

Adding water movement like a waterfall or a slide can add a lot of interest to a pool area! With a slide, you welcome a different use of the space. This allows the space to be more playful and enjoyable for various age groups. There are so many different options for a waterfall. This is a great addition because you can take it in any direction that you want and have the flexibility to really put your design style at work.

Showcasing sculptures and other forms of art can define the space and allow the pool area to become a unique gallery. Demonstrating your artistic interests with sculptures and art is a great way to express your unique style and form.

Adding a fire feature near your pool is a great way to include another function into the space. Not only is a fire pit a great addition to the landscape for use, this is another way to keep the pool area usable during longer hours of the night. 

In order to balance out the hardscapes and hard lines from your pool, adding container plants or flowerpots around your pool can soften the space and bring a lush side of the landscape in to balance out your pool area.

If the primary function of your pool area is entertainment, it might be a great place to add an outdoor kitchen or a swim-up bar. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like you have your own personal resort? Of course, you aren’t limited to only enhancements, at Environmental Designs we can add a pool to an existing landscape or start from scratch altogether. 

Whether you want to enhance with any of the above ideas, upgrade to automated pool covers or convert to saltwater, our highly skilled teams can help guide you throughout the process of your pool area renovation. We strive to help each client determine what enhancements would work best for the needs of your property. If you are interested in a consultation with one of our experts, contact us today to get started on your pool enhancement.