Is Your Irrigation System as Smart as It Could Be?

July 1, 2020

As experts of smart irrigation installation in Colorado, we know the value of saving water and money on modern irrigation solutions. Which is why we’re celebrating Smart Irrigation Month by offering a free gift with any irrigation phone consultation!

Smart Irrigation Month

Typically the month of peak demand for outdoor water use, the Irrigation Association launched Smart Irrigation Month in July 2005 to increase public awareness of the value of water-use efficiency and water-saving products, practices, and services. The State of Colorado has been officially proclaiming that July is Smart Irrigation Month every year since 2012!

“With the challenges, our industry, our country, and the world are facing right now with the COVID-19 health crisis, we are proud to be able to celebrate our industry through Smart Irrigation Month,” said Irrigation Association Government and Public Affairs Director John Farner. “Smart Irrigation Month is our opportunity to showcase the value and importance of efficient irrigation. Focusing on the people behind irrigation is a great way to recognize those who are making a significant impact on managing our vulnerable water supplies.”

Smart Irrigation Experts

Environmental Designs prides itself on being a smart irrigation landscaping business in Colorado, with water-conserving strategies a foremost part and consideration in the services we perform for every customer. We offer extensive initial irrigation audits that get right down into a detailed inspection “controller by controller, tap by tap” of the entire irrigation system for identifying ALL areas where water loss or waste is occurring. Our smart irrigation installations have been responsible for irrigation turnarounds saving millions of gallons of water and cost-effectively upgrading irrigation control for “bringing it into the 21st century.”


How Much Water and Cost Can You Save?
Irrigation Expert Webinar Panel Video

JAIN Irrigation Webinar Panel

In a recent Jain Irrigation webinar panel on water management for commercial landscaping, senior management from two of the largest HOA planned communities in the Western US – Sun City Grand in Surprise, AZ, and Rossmoor in Walnut Creek, CA – spoke about their success in reducing their outdoor water consumption that led to an immediate reduction in their water bills. The speakers discuss ‘smart’ things you can do right now to start a water reduction plan with measurable goals, better understand and begin improving your outdoor water consumption – all aspects of water management that Environmental Designs is a regional Colorado authority and ready to help you get started.



Automatic Irrigation Controller Example

ETwater Irrigation Controller by JAIN


How to Make Irrigation Smarter

Central to eliminating overwatering waste that’s inherent with a conventional irrigation controller is switching to use an automatic, smart irrigation system that self-adjusts according to the weather. And today, you need irrigation control that uses real-time plant moisture measurement of ‘ET’ (evapotranspiration) and responds to weather BEFORE it happens. Several companies offer irrigation controllers that use the science of ET combined with weather updates, with ETwater by JAIN notable for smart irrigation technology innovation that applies predictive analytics to your water scheduling. Why water tomorrow with rain in the forecast, and your landscape will get the water it needs naturally without supplemental irrigation.


Free Gifts With Free Phone Consultation

Call your Environmental Designs representative during July for a conversation about your water management or smart irrigation technologies, and as a “Thank You,” we’ll give you a comfortable, quality knitted Jain Irrigation hoodie and pair of durable garden gloves for your time.