Low Maintenance Landscapes in Colorado

June 12, 2020

Are you envisioning a lush garden with trees and flowers blooming all throughout the seasons? Many homeowners wish for a landscape like that without the hassle of keeping it perfectly manicured all season long. Throughout Colorado, we are known for designing and maintaining low maintenance landscapes that don’t require as much care and attention.

Native Plantings

Low maintenance landscapes don’t have to sacrifice the lush garden that you imagine. Sometimes when people think low maintenance, often times they are picturing a dry river bed, rock garden style landscape. We are here to tell you that you can absolutely have a lush garden while still requiring low effort! Instead of a typical green lawn, replacing that area with native grasses and perennials will add texture, color, and interest. Because a green lawn requires a lot of water and attention, shrinking the lawn area or replacing it all together is a great low
maintenance alternative.


This term, often thrown around while discussing low maintenance landscaping, was coined by Colorado to describe landscaping with the objective of major water conservation. Xeriscaping can be a beautiful water-wise approach to a low maintenance landscape. Xeriscaping uses drought-tolerant plants that require little irrigation. Here are the 7 principles of Xeriscaping:

  1. Planning and design
  2. Soil improvement
  3. Practical turf area
  4. Efficient irrigation
  5. Mulch
  6. Low water use plants
  7. Appropriate maintenance

To dive deeper into each of these principles, visit Water Use it Wisely website at https://wateruseitwisely.com/100-ways-to-conserve/landscape-care/principles-of-xeriscape-design/


A large turf area is a very high maintenance landscape feature. Although useful, a great way to lower the efforts in maintaining your landscape is including a large hardscaped area. A spacious patio or pergola or outdoor kitchen are wonderful ways to lower the maintenance needs. These useful spaces also provide great areas for entertaining throughout the seasons. The maintenance of hardscaped areas is considerably lower than a turf or planted area.

Smart irrigation

Irrigation technology is one of the most important ways to keep your landscapes in Colorado low in maintenance. We can design and install top notch irrigation systems that save water and ultimately save money in the long run. The investment in upgrading your irrigation system is well worth the hassle and water your landscape would otherwise require. To learn more about the importance of smart irrigation, click here!

Are you ready to get started exploring low maintenance landscaping in Colorado? Give our office a call so we can work with you and protect your landscape investment, and also your time and effort!