Tree Care


Maintaining your trees keeps them thriving and healthy. Our expert climbers balance safety, craftsmanship, and tree health care to maximize the longevity of your tree. Our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to prune trees of all ages and sizes.

Hazard Pruning

High winds and harsh weather Colorado conditions call for emergency and hazard tree pruning. Our tree care experts will assess current and potential damage and perform required services to prevent further complication.

Disease Pruning

Our highly-skilled tree surgeons excel at diagnosing a variety of tree diseases. When started early enough, disease pruning can prevent a tree from infection ensuring your trees stay healthy, safe and attractive.

Crown Reduction

Shortening your tree’s crown via pruning can help increase stability while allowing sunlight to more effectively penetrate its inner branches. Our tree surgeons are experts in performing this highly technical procedure, ensuring your tree’s well-being and durability.

Structural Pruning

With sole purpose of creating stable growth, structural pruning gives trees shape, reduces weight on limbs, and promotes growth in desired areas. Thereby minimize the need for hazard pruning.


Unfortunately, some trees are beyond help. Our Certified Arborists follow rigorous standards to safely remove trees while protecting our climbers and your property. Once the tree is safely removed, we grind the remaining stump to the point where sod, flowers and even new trees will be able to blossom there.