Denver Full-Service Landscape Maintenance

April 9, 2020

Landscapes are an important investment in your property. Our award-winning team provides Denver Full-Service Landscape Maintenance. In fact, we go to great lengths to care for and maintain your outdoor spaces. For example, we deliver the highest-quality service and develop unique maintenance plans that are right for your needs. Learn about the full-service maintenance procedures and the lengths we go to keep your landscape looking its best.

Arbor Care

Trees add grandeur and timelessness to any property. One aspect of Denver full-service landscape maintenance is monitoring their health from the very beginning because they often serve as the foundation for your landscape. Our teams handle the trimming, feeding, watering services, and can also oversee the ongoing wellness of your trees.


As an industry leader known for our award-winning floral displays, we take great pride in elevating your property’s design and character. By simply infusing the appropriate mix of color and texture into your landscape layout, we’re able to create an eye-catching outdoor space sure to impress year-round. Choose from a diverse selection of containers and palettes of plant materials for your landscape areas. Our various Awards of Excellence in this category will endure your floral needs are in good hands.

Holiday Lighting
Holiday Lighting

Leave it to our team to enhance your home’s appearance during the holiday season. We illustrate creative designs with energy-efficient LED lights that can perform special features or illuminate pathways. In addition, we take the worry out of decorating for the holidays. Our teams wrap your home in festive lighting, colors and other beaming displays–leaving your landscape merry and bright.

Landscape Management

Regular upkeep and maintenance are key when considering the lifespan of your landscape and plants. We want to ensure that your space reflects the same beautiful appearance it did when it was first installed. Therefore, we develop a plan of ongoing landscape management that’s right for you and your space. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to treat each portion of your landscape with the proper handling. We’ll work to protect your investment and also see that your plants age gracefully as they transition into maturity.

Plant Health Care

Within our Plant Health Care program, our team considers your landscape’s needs and develops a plan of ongoing maintenance. Depending on the landscape’s size and diversity, our team can customize a treatment program based on your budget and portfolio. They will also regularly monitor the health of your plants and ensure they stay strong and vibrant.

Water Management

Water management is as essential to your landscape as proper sun exposure and fertilization. Our team of Landscape Industry Certified Technicians excel in identifying and recommending the most efficient water usage, repairs and upgrades. We utilize best practices to deliver you improved irrigation systems that ultimately save you thousands of dollars annually.

Denver Full-Service Landscape Maintenance

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