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Tree Care.

Environmental Designs provides professional tree, shrub, and plant healthcare programs throughout the Denver Metro and Northern Colorado area including: Denver, Boulder, Cherry Creek, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Arvada, Thornton, Loveland, Longmont, Fort Collins and more! Our menu of services includes: tree trimming/removal, stump grinding, tree and shrub pruning, disease management, plant healthcare programs, weed control, fertilization techniques, consultations and more!


Environmental Designs has been servicing commercial and residential communities throughout Denver since 1989. Our Certified Arborists and experienced teams are dedicated to providing excellent service in order to meet your highest expectations by keeping your landscapes beautiful and healthy for years to come. Our expert personnel are committed to identifying and treating tree and shrub problems throughout the Denver and Northern Colorado areas. Using the best management practices and treatment technologies, we provide our customers with cutting-edge treatment plans that are unique and specific to cater to your specific arbor care needs.

Our Approach

If you have a pain in your arm, instead of chopping it off right away, you would want a full diagnosis to understand the core problem at hand. We try to treat our trees with the same amount of respect, as they are often the most valuable part to your landscape and are crucial to our environment. At Environmental Designs, we pride ourselves in having the knowledge and experience to make educated decisions based on what is best for your trees.


We understand, that like most investments, quality landscapes should be beautiful from day one and age gracefully as they transition into maturity. Trees grow to create a canopy of colorful foliage in the fall, perennials transform and fill in to bring years of vibrant color around your yard or pool, while walkways and walls age to a timeless patina enhancing the overall fabric of your garden. Beautiful trees can significantly increase your property value, while also providing shade to help cool your home. If your trees are properly cared for, they will give your landscape beauty and grandeur ultimately protecting your investment in the long run.


We are customer service oriented for all things concerning tree care! To get started, call us today for a free on-site assessment! We will walk you through our assessment of your property and provide you with an educated program with how best to move forward. Our licensed and insured tree surgeons have the experience to go above and beyond! While we do highly suggest having your trees evaluated every three to four years, we offer fully custom plans depending on your trees’ needs.

Our Tree Surgeons


Tree trimming isn’t all we are known for. Continuous training and education allows us the ability to discover what tree problems you have, diagnose why you have these problems and provide information on how we can treat your tree to maximize its beauty and potential. Education is our staff’s specialty, we want to be a valuable resource to you – not just a sales person!

We have Certified Arborists and tree crews with over 130 years of experience. Trimming trees isn’t just ropes, knots, and rigging techniques, it is a science that allows tree branches to fall where we need them to. Safety is our number one concern; we implement continuous training and safety programs to make sure our tree surgeons are expertly qualified to get the job done as you expect and without issue!


Winter Premiums


Although we typically don’t think about taking care of our bare trees in the winter, our coldest months are one of the best and most productive times for tree care! During this time, your trees are dormant and not trying to put on new growth. Because we won’t be taking live limbs off, having tree work done in the winter will be less stressful on your trees overall. Not to mention, trees are easier to climb with less foliage, ultimately reducing time and disposal costs.