Tree & Plant Services

Deep Root Fertilizations

Deep root fertilization is a direct injection of essential elements into the root zone where they can be absorbed more efficiently. Providing your trees with the nutrients they need in the fall will help ensure they get the best possible start in the spring. For the trees you love, it is best to enroll them in Plant Healthcare to make sure they stay healthy! If you are in the Denver or Northern Colorado area, Environmental Designs professionals will make sure your trees stay healthy and happy throughout the harsh conditions of our Colorado seasons.

Winter Watering

Don’t leave your trees to fend for themselves in the winter! Though your winter landscapes may look barren and dormant, you cannot completely disregard them until spring. In Colorado, the number one cause of death to newly planted landscape plants (and sometimes even mature trees) is winter drought. This means that while your sprinkler systems may not be running, you still need to water your plants … especially evergreens. Winter watering is crucial to your trees having the best chance of greening up beautifully in the spring! To protect your investment, Environmental Designs offers a winter watering service in order to ensure they thrive throughout the drier months! Contact us for a quote!

Holiday lights & Décor

Not only do we specialize in tree care, but we also install beautiful holiday lighting displays to amplify your landscape and bring it to life during the holiday season. Whether you are looking to out-shine your competitive neighbors, or simply make your home or business stand out, our instillation experts design a custom display to accessorize your property’s best features.

Our Holiday Décor services includes:
  1. Installation of lights, wreaths, garland and any other desired decorations
  2. Hassle-free removal of all holiday decor
  3. Off-season storage of your lights and décor after removal
  4. Warranty and maintenance of bulbs that go out or any other issues with your display