Best Evergreen Trees, Plants & Shrubs for Year-Round Vibrancy

May 2, 2023

Are you looking to add color and life to your landscape? Evergreen plants are an excellent choice for providing that extra sparkle in the garden – especially here in Colorado! They offer year-round protection from wind, space division, privacy, and added value for wildlife. So, whether you’re a nature lover looking for an environmentally conscious choice or want something pretty to fill up all those empty spaces, there’s a perfect evergreen shrub out there just waiting for you! Join us on this journey through some of our top picks so you can find the one that fits your specific needs and lifestyle.

Evergreen trees, plants, and shrubs are an excellent addition to any garden, not just for their beauty but for their sustainable benefits. Unlike deciduous plants, evergreens retain their foliage all year, providing endless environmental benefits, such as erosion control, air purification, and temperature regulation. Additionally, evergreens provide year-round shelter and food for wildlife, making them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious gardeners. Many are drought-tolerant and require little maintenance, making them a perfect choice for homeowners saving money on their water bills. By planting evergreen trees, plants, and shrubs in your garden, you can create a beautiful and sustainable landscape that contributes to the health and well-being of the planet!

Types of Evergreen Plants

(in no particular order)

Rhododendron - Evergreen Plant

1. Rhododendron

Rhododendrons are among the most popular evergreen shrubs because they are easy to grow and maintain. You can use these plants for any landscaping design project, as they come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Rhododendrons require plenty of sunlight and acidic soil to thrive and can live up to 20 years!

Mahonia / Oregon Grape - Evergreen Plant

2. Mahonia / Oregon Grape

The Oregon grape is a type of evergreen shrub that grows naturally in the Pacific Northwest region. It has leathery leaves and produces clusters of yellow flowers during the spring season, which are then followed by blue-black berries. This plant can thrive in both full sun and partial shade but needs regular watering and fertilizing to grow well.

Kinnikinnick - Evergreen Plant

3. Kinnikinnick

Kinnikinnick is a low-growing evergreen shrub that grows to about knee height and spreads over wide areas. It’s an excellent choice for Xeric gardens in the southwest of the US and can be used as a groundcover or low hedge—an incredible combatant of the harsh winter weather and great for rock gardens and hillsides.

False Cypress - Evergreen Shrub

4. False Cypress

The False Cypress is an evergreen shrub that has a unique, cone-like shape that is eye-catching and provides interest in any garden. This evergreen plant thrives in an area that receives full sun to partial shade and needs minimal maintenance for optimal growth.

Inkberry Holly - Evergreen Plant

5. Inkberry Holly

This pliable and hardy evergreen shrub is perfect for a border, as it can handle light shearing and can be grown in any soil type. These amazing evergreens are all ideal candidates to give your garden the winter protection it needs.

Arborvitae, Pyramidal Form - Evergreen Plant

6. Arborvitae, Pyramidal Form

One of the most common evergreen shrub varieties, and with good reason, this beautiful specimen makes an excellent privacy hedge. It is also very low maintenance and can handle light pruning and shaping. Spreading out its bright green foliage, this is a perfect choice for year-round color.

Arborvitae, Round Form - Evergreen Plant

7 Arborvitae, Round Form

This evergreen tree or shrub is a favorite for its low-maintenance nature and ability to look beautiful year-round. This shrub can easily fit into any landscape design with its soft, round foliage in bright green. Perfect for providing excellent color and texture without taking up too much space!

Wintercreeper Euonymus - Evergreen Plant

8. Wintercreeper Euonymus

This colorful evergreen features beautiful foliage in deep green, purple, and yellow shades. It’s an excellent choice for providing bright color throughout the year and is low maintenance with minimal pruning needed. Wintercreepers are also very tolerant of various soil types, making them easy to incorporate into any landscape.

Juniper Tree - Evergreen Plant

9. Juniper Tree

The Juniper Tree is a hardy evergreen plant that can last for many years. It’s also drought-resistant and does well in full sun or partial shade. Juniper provides attractive foliage in shades of blue, green, grey, gold, and white. Plus, it requires minimal maintenance—trim back any overgrown branches occasionally!

Spruce Tree - Evergreen Plant

10. Spruce Tree

This tall evergreen tree provides an elegant, formal look to any landscape. Spruce trees come in varieties with shades of green and blue foliage, adding a pop of color to your yard. They are also relatively pest-resistant and can tolerate cold temperatures well. Of course, pruning is necessary to keep them healthy, but it should be done sparingly.

Fir - Evergreen Tree

11. Fir Tree

This fast-growing evergreen tree is ideal for creating privacy or adding a tall backdrop to your garden. Fir trees are hardy and tolerant of many soil types, and their needles can range from green to blue-green. For the best results, space them out when planting and ensure they have plenty of room to spread roots.

Cedar - Evergreen Tree

12. Cedar Tree

A popular choice for landscaping, cedar trees are known for their fragrant scent and feathery foliage. They require minimal pruning and can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions. In addition, they grow quickly and can reach heights of up to 60 feet, making them an excellent choice for privacy screens or windbreaks.

Tuscan Blue - Evergreen Shrub

13. Tuscan Blue

These evergreens feature distinct steel-blue foliage, making them stand out in any garden. They grow best in sunny spots and will tolerate a wide range of soil conditions, making them an ideal choice for the suburban yard. In addition, these trees require little pruning and are drought tolerant, so they won’t need much water to remain healthy.

Yucca Evergreen Plant

14. Yucca

Yuccas are evergreen plants popular for their attractive, brutalist shape, characterized by stiff leaves that fan out from the stem. In addition, they are known to be very drought-tolerant and require minimal pruning. Yuccas can grow in various soil conditions and have the potential to reach a height of 20 feet, which makes them an excellent choice for adding some verticality to your landscaping.

Mugo Pine Evergreen Plant

15. Mugo Pine

This evergreen shrub is perfect for areas with poor soil, as it’s very hardy and can tolerate a range of conditions. It only needs minimal pruning and requires only a little water once established. In addition, the Mugo Pine’s dense, compact foliage provides a great backdrop for any garden or landscape.

What to Consider When Designing Your Landscape

When deciding whether to take on a project yourself or hire a professional, there are a few essential considerations to remember. For one, planting yourself may save you money, but it could be a more lengthy and tedious process than hiring an expert. However, hiring a professional may be more expensive, yet they bring their years of experience and expertise to the table, which could save you time, money, and stress in the future. Therefore, it is essential to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of each option carefully and consider what will work best for your project. Ultimately, choosing the professional route could offer quality and long-term results that are well worth the investment.

Providing evergreen plants to nature lovers and home gardeners is one of our great passions here at Environmental Designs. Colorado has quickly become a hub for gardeners who are looking for top-grade evergreens that adorn their landscapes with beauty and charm. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which plants will do best in the diverse climates within the Mile High State. After reading this blog post, you have been given all the necessary tools to choose the right evergreen plants that fit your area and needs best, whether it be residential or commercial, we want to help educate you on how to make your garden come to life as much as you want it to! At Environmental Designs, we want to help guide your journey as much as possible by providing quality evergreen selections that fulfill what works best for you. So, take a chance, live on the edge, plant something new – get creative with your outdoor green spaces.

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