Fall landscaping trends

Fall Landscaping Trends 2020

September 10, 2020

As Denver’s landscaping experts, we know that people are turning towards spending more time outdoors. Whether that be in their own backyards or if they seek to spend time outdoors traveling. We can’t ignore the larger trend of people spending more time enjoying nature and being outside. As far as we are concerned, we fully support it. To break it down, this year, in particular, we have seen a huge movement of people wanting to create their own perfect outdoor space. We have come together and collected a list of fall landscaping trends for 2020. Keep reading below if you are here looking for the hottest trends for the upcoming fall season!

Colorful fall planting
Colorful, Textured Plantings

With the changing season comes the opportunity to switch to some fall floral for your beds and containers. The fall floral this season is much more than your typical mums. As Denver’s landscaping experts we recommend spicing up your floral with pansies, kale, succulents, and other ornamental grasses. The color schemes are endless when it comes to fall floral. This fall floral trend can be modified to fit any kind of color scheme and style. Lush, overflowing fall floral adds life to your fall landscapes that can last through the winter months.


Outdoor living this fall

Outdoor Living

Comfort is key this fall! With the state of the world, many are staying home and transforming their outdoor space as their very own staycation. Outdoor living and comfort are some of the biggest trends right now in landscaping. We are thinking a grilling area, a warm fire feature, and comfortable seating! Extending your living space outdoors will be a great way to transition into the cooler months. Add some comfy seating areas and a dining area and you will have a perfect fall landscape.

Low maintenance Fall plants

Low Maintenance Landscaping

The next fall landscape trend is making sure your landscapes are low maintenance. We are seeing this becoming a huge trend by using native, drought-tolerant plants, and low maintenance hardscapes. The best part about low maintenance landscapes is that they are functional, beautiful, and easy.

Fall Tree Care in Colorado

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