Outdoor Living

Extending Your Living Space with an Outdoor Kitchen

July 11, 2019

The outdoor kitchen has become much more than a simple barbeque grill and table. The modern outdoor kitchen has become an extension of the indoor living space, featuring many of the same conveniences and appliances found indoors. Don’t let the abundance of choices available today overwhelm you. We can design the outdoor living space to fit your lifestyle!

Outdoor Living

Functionality of your Outdoor Living Space

An important component of creating the perfect outdoor space is its functionality. What will this space be used for? Is it for large gatherings? Is one formal seating space required? Or would several adjacent seating areas be better? Take into account your needs around cooking, serving, and clean-up. Maybe this space is more for lounging and relaxing. Then consider an informal seating arrangement with plenty of room to kick back and enjoy being outside. Based on your outdoor space needs, we can create an outdoor living area you will love. 

Environmental Designs

Choosing a Location for Your Outdoor Kitchen 

What part does the kitchen play in your ultimate outdoor space? Is it the central gathering place? Or should it meld into the overall flow of the backyard? Typically, an outdoor kitchen tends to be located near the entrance from the house to the backyard for easily transporting food and cooking supplies to your outdoor kitchen area. Depending on where you want the entertainment to be focused, you may want to consider the location(s) of other important spaces like a pool area, spa, or firepit as these areas may influence the overall use of the space. Another factor that could be considered while making this decision, is the location of existing utility lines. However, if you envision your kitchen as a stand-alone entertainment center, then there is no reason that it needs to be next to the house! 

Outdoor Kitchen

Lighting is Crucial for Your Landscape

Though an often-forgotten aspect of landscaping, lighting is equally, if not more, important than the previous considerations. Lighting provides both ambiance and safety which should be the priority of an outdoor kitchen, especially if you’re cooking in the evening. Pathways and areas where cooking will happen should be well lit, while other areas for dining and relaxing could have adjustable lighting to set the mood of the evening. 

Does this inspire you to get started on the outdoor kitchen of your dreams? Reach out today to transform your outdoor area into a space for a fresh new culinary experience!