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A Cherry Hills Estate

July 3, 2019

This Cherry Hills estate is on more than 3 acres.  The greatest challenge in designing and building this award-winning landscape was keeping with the scale of the surrounding area.  We also wanted to maintain the large, existing trees and create interest by changing the grade.  The clients were looking for an elegant space that takes advantage of Colorado’s ideal climate.  Specific elements include a pool, spa, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, patios, and, of course, a grand water feature in the front.  We gave the client all these elements and more in this elegant, rustic, and inviting garden.

Accessorizing the Grand Water Feature

This property sits on 3 acres of land, so our designers began by deciding which areas needed to be landscaped and to what degree.  Starting in the front, we created a large berm, which encloses the water feature with naturalistic falls.  Also, to complement the large trees, the plantings were designed to have an alpine feeling, with vibrant wildflowers, groundcovers, and berries.

Environmental Designs

Entertainment Meets Recreation

Behind the house, we constructed a pool, hot tub, fire pit, and dinning area.  Large, existing trees were maintained here to give shade and privacy.  The client wished for the space to be a recreational area for the kids, as well as a space for entertaining.  The remaining two acres behind the landscaped area were hydroseeded with native low-grow and Colorado wildflower seed that require little irrigation and create a very attractive backdrop to the manicured landscape.

Cherry Hills Landscape Design Cherry Hills Landscape Design

Annual and Perennial Plantings

Plantings, berms and groundcover were used around the entire perimeter of the house to accommodate views and give a sense of privacy from all sides.  A large berm with annual and perennial color was created in the center of the driveway and boulders and plantings were used to dress up the area directly in front of the door, where the water feature is not visible.

Landscape Design

All the elements of this project are combined, this property was transformed into a space of tranquility and elegance. The landscape flows with the house and is strategically placed in the most easily accessible and useable spaces.  The use of existing trees, native wildflowers, and grade changes give the residence a touch of mountain living right in the middle of Cherry Hills.

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