Find Your Perfect Landscape Based on Your Personality

June 29, 2020

Find Your Perfect Landscape Based on Your Personality! We can assume that everyone’s feeling like they could use a vacation right now. Combat that cooped up feeling with a renovation to refresh your landscape. We want to do our part in helping you make the most out of your home. Read through these personality types to discover what landscape is the best fit for you!

The Entertainer This landscape was made for those who tend to be the life of every party. Create an outdoor setting with an outdoor kitchen and an outdoor dining area to arrange snacks, drinks, and anything else you are wanting to serve up. Set the tone of your event with outdoor speakers and bistro lighting to light things up. The best part is that you will never be overstaying your welcome.

The Homebody Slip into some loungewear and grab your favorite book. The Homebody’s landscape has plush patio furniture piled with soft cushions and simple planters. Cozy up to your custom fire feature with pastel colored pillows and a light blanket to compliment the area. This space could be planted with lush grasses and native plants that bloom throughout the seasons. Comfort is certainly key in this space.

The Vacationer Mentally transport yourself to a tropical oasis–no need to pack your bags, your destination is just outside. For a resort-like aesthetic, you’ll want to decorate your outdoor space with lush, tropical foliage, waterfall features, and luxury furniture. Line up loungers along your pool and swim-up bar and you are staycation ready. All that’s missing is a pool boy to refill your beverage! Check out our blog for pool landscape ideas for inspiration.

The Adventurer A landscape full of discovery. Full of exploration, you might find hidden gardens and mini trails that take you to various activities. A space with large-scale outdoor lawn games like chess, a sports court, and boulders to climb on can keep you active and engaged. For sunset, you may choose to spend it with your dog in the garden or in a sunken hot tub. You’ll never find yourself bored at home again!

The Yogi Create a tranquil setting with a serenity garden. This space can include a Zen garden, a calming fountain, various plants, and textured decor. Using color theory, this space can be planted with tones of blue and lavender for the calming effects of a cool color palette. A Zen garden can bring peace to the wandering mind with rocks and gravel raked in calming swirled patterns. Its purpose is to create a soothing environment for meditation, yoga, or to simply clear your mind.

The Minimalist A carefully cultivated space with clean lines and simple outdoor furniture. This garden may even have a monochromatic planting palette and neutral hardscapes. A contemporary feel with striking features where less is more. This space creates a streamlined experience of relaxation with a perfect, clean look.

At Environmental Designs, we can help you showcase your personality through your landscape–which do you feel that you identify with the most? Give us a call and we can schedule a consultation to fine tune the most ideal outdoor space for you!