Efficient Sprinkler Systems Result in Lower Water Bill

August 26, 2019

Maintaining a beautiful landscape in the dry Colorado climate requires careful water management. EDI’s Irrigation Technicians specialize in designing and managing the most efficient irrigation systems. Efficient sprinkler systems result in a lower water bill.

Water Conservation Made Easy

Did you know that the right sprinkler system will not only reduce water waste but will also save you thousands of dollars annually? Understanding current irrigation technology allows us to tailor a system according to your landscape needs and sustainability requirements. We can increase your water savings through system audits, setting up smart controllers, installing efficiency upgrades, and system optimization corrections.


Professional Sprinkler System Audits

Let our experts look at your existing irrigation system and evaluate how much water is being used and how effectively. We will identify areas of under and overwatering, as well as sprinkler layout problems or water scheduling issues. Our irrigation professionals analyze pressure, spacing and flow throughout each system to ensure the highest water distribution uniformity.

Sprinklers misting flowers

The Right Plan for Colorado Soil

In the greater Denver area, the soil type is Clay Loam, which will not absorb more than ¼ inch of water at a time. Understanding the soil allows us to determine the correct cycle-soak program for your landscape, ensuring that water waste is minimized. Our irrigation experts recommend MP Rotator nozzles because they have a better flow pattern, higher adjustment capabilities, and a lower evaporation rate.

Sprinkler head close up

Benefits of Upgrading Sprinkler Heads

High efficiency sprinkler heads maintain a constant pressure, ensuring optimal nozzle performance. We use and recommend SAM (Seal-A-Matic) sprinkler heads because they have a check valve in each head, which helps the nozzle distribute the water more evenly. Even water distribution across your landscape reduces water waste and saves you money.

Sprinkler Systems

Wireless Rain Sensors

Rain sensors conserve water by preventing irrigation during or after any sufficient rainfall. These sensors also shut off irrigation system in the event of freezing temperatures to help reduce vegetation damage and ice conditions. These sensors are the perfect complement to any smart controller, as they provide the most effective way to prevent irrigation from running during or after precipitation.


ET Smart Controllers

All zones are configured individually noting the type of head, plant type, slope, sun exposure and soil type. Evapotranspiration (ET) controllers then communicate daily with local weather sources for real time conditions to auto-adjust irrigation schedules based in part on ET, water depletion amounts, plant types, soil composition, rainfall, and forecasts, to water only the precise amount needed. Our experts recommend ET Water controllers as they are the pioneer of cloud based smart irrigation technology. They have proven to be the most dependable ET type controller in the market today.


Are you ready to lower your water bill? Call our office today to get in touch with one of our irrigation technicians!