Fall flowers

Fall floral trends in Boulder and Beyond

September 12, 2019

With our stunning Colorado surroundings, autumn is a wonderful time for brilliant seasonal fall colors and fall floral plantings! Crisp air means it’s time for late-season blooming perennials. Here are our top fall floral trends in Boulder, Denver, and throughout Colorado.

Fall flowers

Colorful Floral Displays for Every Plant Palette

When it comes to autumn plants, there is an endless supply of color schemes. Ranging from the classic fall shades of red and orange, to cooler purple and blues, whatever color palette you want for your space, there are many options for colorful fall plants. Our residential floral design experts can tailor a specific planting plan perfect for your unique space!

Fall flowers - Petunias

Seasonal Color – Our Top Picks!

We’ve gathered our favorite fall plants for Denver’s crisp autumn air – from trees and shrubs to fall flowers! Planting these will ensure your landscape will radiate throughout the Autumn season.

Red, Pink, Orange and Yellow Fall Flowers

  1. Burning Bush – This shrub has a fiery red fall color and looks great planted in rows
  2. Flame Maple – A larger shrub/small tree with orange-red fall foliage
  3. Black Chokeberry – A small to medium sized shrub with dark green foliage that turns reddish-purple in the fall
  4. Smooth Sumac – Yellow to orange-purple-red combinations in the fall
  5. Red Twig dogwood – This shrub leans toward more purple tones.
  6. Pansies – Are very showy ranging from yellow, gold, orange, purple, violet, red, white, and even near-black (very dark purple)
  7. Ornamental Kale – These large rosettes vary with white, pink, purple, or red leaves
  8. Mums – Chrysanthemums can be a wide array of colors including white, yellow, pink, lavender, red, and bronze.
  9. Crocus – There are more than 50 different types of crocus bulbs in colors ranging from white or pale pink and lavender to more intense shades of showy blue-violet, purple, orange, pink or ruby.
  10. Succulents – They can handle warm days and cold nights and come in a variety of all shapes and colors

Fall plant Fall flowers in planters

Decorative Fall Planters and Autumn Container Gardens

While many people focus on the brilliant color changing trees, planting fall floral in your pots and planters keeps your landscapes blazing into the winter months! Fall pots and containers don’t have to stop at floral, keep the fall theme going strong by adding pumpkins and corn stalks for an added festive touch.

Fall bulbs

Fall Planted Spring Blooming Bulbs

Bring your future spring garden into its vibrancy now by planting your fall bulbs. Our experts suggest planting fall bulbs in September and October in order to have color first thing this spring. To maximize the results of your bulbs, our floral experts suggest planting fall floral like kale and pansies with them because the pansies will get watered and fed all winter, thus the bulbs will get watered and fed as well. Ensuring the best display of your bulbs starts with proper care and watering throughout the season!

Call us for more fall floral trends in Boulder, Denver, and beyond. Contact us today for a consultation and to get started on your fall floral displays and planting fall bulbs!