Our Services

February 12, 2020

Updated: March 23, 2023

Environmental Designs provides an array of services for both residential and commercial landscapes. Our three primary focuses include Design and Master Planning, Construction, and Maintenance. Keep reading as we elaborate on these services and what goes into making and maintaining a picturesque landscape.

Design and Master Planning

The first service offered by our company is design and master planning for outdoor living spaces. Our team of skilled landscape design experts will analyze your specific site and budget constraints to create a personalized plan for your outdoor area. This process includes the selection of a unique combination of plants, hardscapes, and other distinctive features that will make your outdoor space truly special.

Once you are satisfied with the design direction, our team of expert craftsmen will begin the construction process, bringing the plans from the drawings to reality. We take pride in only working with the best in the industry to oversee the installation process, ensuring that your outdoor space is built with the highest quality standards and attention to detail.

Overall, our design and master planning service is designed to provide you with a fully customized outdoor living area that perfectly suits your needs and preferences. So whether you are looking to create a peaceful retreat or an entertainment space for guests, we are committed to bringing your vision to life.


Our second service includes renovations, enhancements and new construction. Our construction services cover many projects, from minor upgrades to full-scale renovations and new construction.

Our skilled team can provide renovation services for clients who require a simple refresh of their outdoor living area. In addition, our experts can offer innovative solutions to update existing features and resolve any issues that you may have.

Once the construction phase is complete, our team will add the final touches to your outdoor space by incorporating the perfect blend of colors and textures. These finishing touches are our specialty; our awards demonstrate our expertise in this area.

Our skilled technicians use hand-laid pavers and carefully selected stones to create unique accents that will give your newly-constructed landscape an authentic and original appearance that perfectly complements your space.


We totally get it – keeping your outdoor space looking great and functioning properly long after the construction crew has left is super important to you (and to us, too!). So we offer a complete range of maintenance services to ensure your landscape continues to thrive and look its best year-round. These include:

  • Landscape management services. These include regular inspections and maintenance of your lawn, plants, and trees to ensure they are healthy and free from disease or pests. Our team of certified arborists is also available to provide professional arbor care services to keep your trees healthy and attractive.
  • Arbor care. Our tree care services maintain the beauty and health of your plants, flowers, and shrubs.
  • Water management. This service ensures that your landscape is properly irrigated and your water usage is efficient.
  • Floral arrangements. Our service offers many options, from simple and elegant arrangements to more elaborate designs. Our experienced team can work with you to create a custom floral plan that will complement your landscaping and add color and beauty to your outdoor space. We use only the highest-quality flowers and plants to ensure your arrangements remain vibrant and attractive for as long as possible.
  • Holiday lighting. We can help you create a festive and inviting atmosphere during the holiday season. We use the best equipment to install holiday lighting displays that will highlight the best features of your property.
  • Snow removal. We help keep your property safe and accessible during the winter months. Our team uses specialized equipment and techniques to quickly and efficiently clear snow and ice from your property, ensuring you can safely access your home or business even in the harshest winter weather.

Landscapes are ever changing and an important investment in your home. Not only does our award-winning team design and construct beautiful landscapes, we go to great lengths to care for and maintain your outdoor spaces. We deliver the highest-quality service and develop maintenance plans that are right for your needs. Contact us today for more information!