Our Services

February 12, 2020

Environmental Designs provides an array of services for both residential and commercial landscapes. Our three primary focuses include Design and Master Planning, Construction, and Maintenance. Keep reading as we elaborate on these services and what goes into making and maintaining a picturesque landscape.

Design and Master Planning

The first service entails analysis, construction drawings and project management. Our team of landscape design experts begin by considering your budget and site challenges. Next, they select a custom mix of plants, hardscapes, and distinctive elements to give you a unique outdoor living area. Once you’re satisfied with a design direction, our expert craftsmen bring the plans from drawings to reality. We only employ the best in the industry to oversee installation and deliver you a quality-crafted outdoor space.


Our second service includes renovations, enhancements and new construction.

If your outdoor living areas only need a mild refresh, you can count on our crew to help with your renovation needs. With our knowledge and experience, we can offer solutions to modernize existing features or resolve current issues.

Once initial construction is complete, our team finalizes your outdoor space by incorporating the perfect blend of color and texture enhancements. These finishing touches are our expertise, and we have the awards to prove it.

Whether it’s hand-laying pavers or selecting individual stones for unique accents, our top-notch craftsmanship ensures your newly-constructed landscapes will appear authentic and original to your space.


Finally, maintenance is our final service that plays a significant role in our business. We focus on landscape management, arbor care, plant health care, water management, floral, holiday lighting and snow removal.

Landscapes are ever changing and an important investment in your home. Not only does our award-winning team design and construct beautiful landscapes, we go to great lengths to care for and maintain your outdoor spaces. We deliver the highest-quality service and develop maintenance plans that are right for your needs.