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Raised Planters

February 19, 2020

Tips on what to plant, materials to choose, saving your back and more.

Raised planters, also called garden boxes or raised garden beds, are a great way to grow all kinds of things. Not only are they a great barrier to pets and pests, they help with good drainage, and prevent soil compaction. There are a lot of great materials these can be made of and various plants and veggies that can be grown in them!

Benefits of Raised Planters

There are quite a few benefits to raised garden beds and raised vegetable beds. Because the soil level is raised, a huge benefit to raised planters is that there is a huge reduction in back strain from bending over to care for your plants. With some raised planters, a gardener can even sit on the edge of the bed while weeding which can to some is the greatest benefit of all. The sides of the beds help with soil erosion and insulation which helps keep the soil warmer and well-drained.

What to Plant

One of the most exciting things about raised planters is deciding what to plant because if the conditions are right, your options are endless! Whether you are looking to plant veggies, herbs, or flowers, there are wonderful options and mixtures that can suit each need!

If you are big on salads, planting lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots could be a good option for you! If you are more interested in cooking, planting onions, peppers, potatoes and herbs would give you a lot of good ingredients to cook with. You aren’t limited to veggies in your raised planter, planting perennials in your planter is a great place to add pops of color and texture. Whatever strikes your personal fancy, the important thing to note is to have fun with it so that your raised planter garden is something you really enjoy.

Unsure which flowers to plant in your raised garden beds? Explore the top choices for spring planting and enhance your garden’s beauty.


Finally, there are quite a lot of options to choose from for the materials of your raised garden bed. You can choose anything from cedar, recycled plastic, stone, brick, block, timber, wood, and even steel. These options can all range in size and shape based on the amount of area you want for your garden. If you decide you want a taller planter, there will be more soil that will be able to hold more moisture which will ultimately require less frequent watering.

With raised garden beds, you have the flexibility to make it the exact way you want! Our planting experts can help suggest what to plant in your raised planter for your unique individual needs, whether that be a pizza garden, a butterfly garden, or catering to a specific color palette, Environmental Designs can ensure your raised planters are authentic to your needs and fit perfectly in your space. Contact us today!