Spring Cleaning Tips for a Breathtaking Denver Landscape

May 21, 2020

Days of white draped snow covering your yard are gone–at least for now. Temperatures are slowly but surely rising and you should act now for a breathtaking Denver landscape! Spring cleaning for inside your home is usually straight-forward, while outdoors may not be as obvious. Go through this list to make sure that your landscape is in shape for the warmer months. You’ll thank yourself later when the temps are even higher, by then the only thing you’ll need to worry about is working on your tan!


breathtaking denver landscape

Clear your flowerbeds of debris

The first step in creating a breathtaking Denver landscape is to begin by re-edging the borders of the bed. This allows your flowerbed to appear more aligned and helps define the division between the landscape and the lawn. Next, remove pinecones, needles, sticks, acorns, weeds and any unwanted debris from the area. Finally, cut back any ornamental grasses that were left from winter before any new growth appears from the base.

Check your plants for winter damage and prune accordingly

Once the beds have been rid of unwanted debris, you can inspect your plant material for winter damage. Broken branches and limbs need to be carefully pruned off. Check for dead spots on evergreen trees and shrubs. Deciduous trees and shrubs should be inspected for buds to make sure they have wintered over. Also, look carefully for other types of damage such as woodland creatures nibbling on the plants. When you’ve finished with the tree and shrub inspection, turn your attention to perennials. For a truly breathtaking Denver landscape, spend time trimming all perennials left to winter over into spring. Be sure not to wait too long because fresh spring growth can tangle up with dead plant tops and become a frustrating, time-consuming task.

Fertilize your plants

It’s time to apply organic fertilizer to all landscape plants. Don’t forget to sprinkle the fertilizer around the base of your plants, not directly on them. This will help to avoid burning the foliage. Then, spread a pre-emergent weed control product in the beds to stop any weed seeds from germinating.

Tidy hardscape surfaces

Now we’re moving from plants to hardscapes. Rake scattered gravel back into aggregate walkways and patios, and order more gravel to spread if you have large depressions. Refill joints between flagstones by sweeping in new sand or stone dust; water with a hose to set it, then repeat. If the freeze-thaw cycle has heaved pavers out of place, remove them and replenish the base material as needed before setting pavers back in. Lastly, use a pressure washer with a low-pressure tip to remove slippery algae spots and leaf stains from patios and walkways.


Experts in Creating your Breathtaking Denver Landscape

Don’t have the time to spruce up your landscape for the spring? Not to worry! We can fulfill all your spring cleaning needs to have your landscape looking its best in no time. Contact us today to receive a quote on your residential landscape!