Paver Patios in Colorado

November 15, 2019

While the plants and flowers are important aspect of a landscape design, hardscape materials are equally important. There are countless materials to choose from for your patio, but pavers are one of the most popular! Hardscape materials are not easily changed once installed, so choosing a paver for your patio is a big commitment. Choosing a paver patio allows for a lot of creative design and custom paving patterns that can be used for small or large patios. There are options with a range of patterns and textures that can be laid out to create striking designs that leave an impression, especially in the winter!

Concrete Pavers

Of all paver types, concrete pavers have the most options of shapes and sizes! While they can be a quick and inexpensive choice, cracking is inevitable which brings up the overall cost of maintenance. Whether you are looking for old-world charm or a walkway with a modern style, there are a variety of pavers that can fit your space. We love to recommend Belgard products to our clients for their reliability against our harsh Colorado climates!

Natural Stone Pavers

If you are looking for a natural look, stone pavers can offer a truly unique options for patios with extreme durability. Choosing between slate, travertine, flagstone, and limestone can be a hard choice, so when it comes to choosing a stone, it depends on the look and feel of the space. Some stones offer more of a rugged style with angular and irregular pieces compared to others that offer more of a modern style using uniform shapes.

Porcelain Pavers

Increasing in popularity, porcelain pavers are a great option for your patio as well! Combining beauty and durability, these pavers have an unmatched performance when it comes to withstanding outdoor elements. Since these pavers are made up of recycled materials and kiln-fired clay, they are a “green” alternative to other pavers. With the variability of the patterns and colors, porcelain is a great choice for your paver patio. Whether your going for a rustic look or an elegant style, porcelain pavers are fade resistant and therefore low in terms of maintenance.

Are you in need of a new paver patio? We would love to discuss paver options for patios and share some guidance on which type would suit your needs! Contact us today for a consultation, we would love to help!