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Summer Lawn Care Tips

July 9, 2020

Summer is in full swing in Colorado—which leaves many homeowners looking for summer lawn care tips. As an award-winning landscape design firm in Colorado, we’ve collected our top three summer lawn care tips to keep your yard looking great.

1. It matters when and how you water

There’s more to watering your lawn than just turning on the sprinklers! Our first summer lawn care tip is aimed at helping Colorado homeowners have healthier lawns while saving water and cost. So how long should you water your Colorado lawn, and at what time of day? Watering your lawn during cooler times of day (before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m.) no more than three days a week is a good rule of thumb. And, depending on where you live in Colorado, these may be watering rules and not just guidelines. Watering also has an effect on the root health of your lawn. Deep watering followed by a brief moisture stress period can help you achieve a deeper root system. And the deeper your lawn’s roots are, the more likely your lawn will survive summer heat stresses.

Irrigation also plays an important part in summer landscaping. As experts of smart irrigation installation in Colorado we’re happy to do a free phone consultation. This way we can form a plan to make your irrigation system as efficient and cost-effective as possible. And, in honor of Smart Irrigation Month, we’re offering a free gift with each smart irrigation consultation in July, so contact us today!

2. Fertilize your lawn…but not yet

While fertilizing is an important aspect of summer lawn care, during the heat of July isn’t the best time to do it. Fertilizing at this time can cause excessive growth which leads to more frequent mowing and watering as well as greater susceptibility to insects and diseases. So if you didn’t already fertilize around Memorial Day, it’s best to wait until around Labor Day when the temperatures are a bit cooler.

3. Know how to mow

When talking about summer lawn care tips, we can’t leave mowing off the list! While some people love it and others do not, it’s still a very important aspect of summer landscaping in Colorado. In order to keep your grass insulated from the sun while reducing beneficial moisture from evaporating, we recommend setting your mower blade to a height of 2 ½ to 3 inches. It’s also important to keep your mower blade sharp, as dull mower blades can tear fragile grass, leaving it susceptible to fungal diseases.

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