Complete Your Landscape With a Colorado Water Feature

March 19, 2020

Spring and summer are on their way. And landscape projects are in full swing! Here are some benefits Colorado water features provide to consider when updating your landscape this spring.

Soothing Sounds of Nature

Adding water into your landscape is a great way to bring the sounds of nature into your own space. Wash away daily stresses with the soothing sounds of water movement! Finally, adding sound to your space allows it to look and sound wonderful.


Friendly for Wildlife

Water features are known to attract wildlife such as dragonflies and birds, providing a thriving ecosystem in your outdoor space. By incorporating evergreen plants, along with a large natural-looking pond that accommodates koi fish, you not only enhance the aesthetics but also create an entertaining and ecologically diverse environment for you and your guests to enjoy.

Including water into your landscape doesn’t have to be a large scale project. If you have a smaller space, pondless water features and fountains could fit your size requirements and overall needs. For example, including a bubbler fountain provides water movement sounds to enhance a previously underutilized part of your landscaping.

In comparison to larger swimming pools, having a water feature in your space requires little maintenance. Water features are a great way to provide visual interest and water sounds without having to be extensively monitored and cared for. Adding some landscape lighting is also a great way to enhance your water feature so it can be enjoyed during all hours of the day!

Whether you choose to do something small like a pondless water blade, or if you decide your space is perfect for a large naturalistic pond, water features are a great way to make your space one-of-a-kind and unique to you! Every element of your water feature can be chosen specifically for your desires and also constructed to seamlessly fit within your space.

Let Us Install Your Colorado Water Feature

Whether you are looking for a small enhancement project or are looking for a large spring landscape refresh, our highly skilled teams can help guide you throughout the process of including a water feature in your landscape project. At Environmental Designs, we strive to help each client find the perfect fit solution to their landscaping needs! Contact us today for a consultation on your water feature project!

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