Arbor Care

Arbor Care

Tree Pruning and Maintenance:

Maintaining your trees keeps them thriving and healthy. Whether your trees need just a simple touch up to help rejuvenate their shape or require a removal of all dead branches, our expert climbers balance safety, craftsmanship and tree health care to maximize the longevity of your tree. Our expert arborists will examine your trees and provide recommendations on the appropriate pruning needed in order to keep your trees healthy, thriving and attractive. Our highly-skilled teams can perform tree pruning at all levels of required skill and difficulty and our advanced state-of-the-art equipment allows us to prune trees of all ages and sizes, including the largest shade and evergreen trees.

Hazard Pruning

High winds and harsh weather conditions in the Denver and Northern Colorado area means a lot of emergency and hazard tree pruning. Some potential hazards we will take care of include: leaning trees, large dead branches, cracking and tree decay. We will assess current and potential damage and get the required trees pruned or removed in order to prevent any further complications!

Disease Pruning

Our tree surgeons are skilled at diagnosing a variety of tree diseases. Pruning of diseased areas can reduce the risk of widespread infection and prevents a diseased branch from ultimately spreading and infecting an entire tree. Started early enough, disease pruning can prevent a tree from getting an infection in the first place, making sure your trees stay healthy, safe and attractive. Although every tree is different, we recognize and treat any issue your trees may have and leave them with the best chance of potential growth.  

Crown Reduction

In order to improve stability, our arborists can shorten your tree’s crown by pruning the outer branches and foliage allowing sunlight to penetrate the inner branches more effectively. Although this process is technical, our tree surgeons are highly-skilled and motivated to do what is best for your tree’s well-being and durability.

Structural Pruning

With the purpose of creating stable growth, structural pruning of a tree gives it shape, reduces weight on limbs and promotes growth in desired areas and minimize the need for hazard pruning.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

In order to manage your overall landscape, we know that some trees are beyond help. Our Certified Arborists practice top-priority safety methods and follow all regulations and standards. Safety is absolutely crucial, and we do everything we can to protect our climbers and your home and other property throughout this process. Once your trees are safely removed, we bring in our state-of-the-art equipment to grind your stump to the point where sod, flowers and even new trees will be able to blossom in the very same location. Let our experienced team handle all the hassle and replace your stump with whatever plant life you would like!.