The Importance of Tree Care

January 16, 2020

Considerate care is essential for a tree to live a healthy life. Trees require proper nourishment and attention so they can flourish. In order to preserve their life, maintenance is a crucial factor in tree care. Tree maintenance consists of a combination of trimming, overall health care, and preventative treatments for diseases and insects to keep the landscape thriving.

tree care

Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Landscape trees require a high level of care to maintain their structural integrity. Pruning must be done with an understanding of tree biology given that each cut has the potential to change the growth of the tree. With this being said, no branch should be removed without a reason. Common reasons for pruning are to remove dead branches, to improve form, and to reduce risk. Trees may also be pruned to increase light and air penetration to the inside of the tree’s crown or to the landscape below. In most cases, mature trees are pruned as corrective or preventive measures, as routine thinning does not necessarily improve the health of a tree.


Deceased Tree

Listed below are the various pruning methods:

Hazard Pruning – The removal of dead or damaged branches that pose a hazard to people, animals, personal property, utilities, and other structures.
Disease Pruning – Detaching branches infected with living attackers such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. You can also think of infestations by insects as “disease” in that they inhabit one part of the tree and spread throughout.
Crown Reduction – The selective removal of live branches to decrease the height or spread of a tree’s crown. This method is used to modify a tree’s overall shape and aesthetic.
Structural Pruning – With the purpose of creating stable growth, structural pruning of a tree gives it shape, reduces weight on limbs and promotes growth in desired areas. It also helps minimize the need for hazard pruning.


Tree Removal


At Environmental Designs, our highly-skilled teams can perform tree pruning at all levels of difficulty and our advanced state-of-the-art equipment allows us to prune trees of all ages and sizes–even the largest shade and evergreen trees. If a tree is beyond help, then our Certified Arborists will safely remove it and grind the stump to the point where sod, flowers and even new trees will be able to blossom. For all of your tree care needs, contact us to get a free quote today.