Winter Tree Care in Denver

March 5, 2021

Denver weather is unpredictable—which means winter tree care is a necessity! The spring season often brings unexpected and heavy snowstorms. In fact, spring snow in Denver is typically wet and heavy snow which is damaging to our trees. We will discuss handling everything from broken tree branch removal, to reshaping a tree after damage, to emergency tree removal.


Broken tree branch removal

Broken Tree Branch Removal

Accumulated snow and ice can cause limbs to break and fall anytime. Weaker branches are susceptible to breakage. If you choose to knock off the snow off on the limbs you can reach, always keep in mind that safety should be your number one priority. Some branches may be weak and barely hanging on to the others that may end up in broken branches. Our tree experts can remove broken branches that fall on your property. Sometimes large sections of a weakened tree will break due to heavy snow.


Winter tree care in denver

Reshaping Trees, Structural Pruning & Canopy Thinning

Winter snowstorms in Denver typically cause quite a lot of branch breakage. Once these are cleaned up, trees can sometimes look a little misshapen. Our Arborists are experts at reshaping trees and structurally pruning out the weaker limbs to prevent damage in the future. We also offer canopy thinning which will clear out all the dead and useless limbs in the canopy. This process is vital in order to have less surface area for snow to land during the winter storms as well.


Winter tree pruning

Building Clearance Pruning

Without a storm, if a tree grows too close to a building branches can rub on the building. If there is a snowstorm the weight of the snow can bring the branch lower onto the building. In order to prevent damage from this happening, our Arbor team will perform a crown reduction to get more space between the building and the tree to make sure branches don’t damage the building or the branches themselves.


winter tree care in denver

Emergency Tree Branch Removal

Without taking the proper trimming and maintenance measures for your trees it may fail. Some of the reasons a tree could fail could be from damage to the root system, disease and pests, or it could be storm-related and too much weight on the branches from the heavy snow and winds may cause a tree to fail. If this happens, do not fret! Whether the tree falls on the ground, on part of a building, or on a car, we can help take care of it for you!


Experts at Winter Tree Care in Denver

If you are interested in protecting your trees for the winter and during our heavy spring storms, give our office a call! Our tree experts can help make sure your trees are growing safely and beautifully this season—contact us today.