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Environmental Designs Merges with Colorado Property Care to Expand Local Reach and Services

December 28, 2022

Environmental Designs, Inc. is excited to announce its merger with Colorado Property Care or CPC. With this powerhouse acquisition, EDI will now be located in Castle Rock to serve our clients better. 

Currently, we have the privilege of servicing the Denver Metro area, which includes Northern Colorado, Boulder, Loveland, Brighton, and Castle Rock. As the growing rural sprawl south of our service area, the acquisition of CPC will better elevate our services to our clientele.

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About Colorado Proper Care

CPC is a locally owned business that has been successfully running for more than 20 years, with a fantastic reputation and a great relationship with its clients. CPC is very proud to be locally owned and even more proud to be able to drive the local economy and invest in the community. 

Combining the power of CPC and Environmental Designs through the merger will make us the premier landscaping firm in Colorado. Providing residential and commercial services such as landscape maintenance, irrigation, tree care, and pruning.

Certifications and Recognitions

In the past, EDI viewed Colorado Proper Care as the competition. However, with CPC’s awards and recognition from organizations like the ALCC and SIMA (Snow & Ice Management Association), EDI leaders began entertaining the idea of joining forces with CPC instead of directly competing with the company.

With similar certifications and recognitions, EDI and CPC can collaborate to make a great team. As a testament to the EDI’s growth, the humble landscaping firm is one of the top 70 landscaping firms in the nation and will expand its reputation to new heights never thought possible.

Local Services and Reputation

EDI first started following the recognition of CPC through its landscape maintenance services for commercial properties, including HOA units, city parks, and corporate campuses. CPC offers every client a customized program with a professional staff that works hard to keep the property safe, healthy, and looking the best year-round, similar to EDI. 

EDI and CPC are water maintenance and irrigation control experts, and our skill sets will benefit our clients—especially our commercial maintenance projects. Both companies are equipped with reputable water management experts that are very knowledgeable in their field. 

After going through CPC testimonials, we were touched by all the positive reviews their clients left. In addition, CPC’s hardworking maintenance crews have had many positive reviews; they are always professional, doing projects promptly and reviewing plans to correct even the most straightforward obstacles.

Now, EDI and CPC see eye to eye when it comes to property care, water, and irrigation management. What about the harsh winters that are upon us in Colorado? CPC has outstanding snow services, including hand shoveling, plowing, and ice mitigation. It’s a busy winter season, and EDI and CPC are equipment ready for any obstacle. It’s a busy winter season, and EDI and CPC are equipment-ready for any snow and winter challenge. 

Why We Joined Forces

Our services are highly recommended throughout Northern Colorado and the Denver metro area, and we’ve serviced the Southern Denver Metro and Castle Rock area. Thanks to CPC, we are officially established in the region to serve our and CPC’s clientele better. 

Why CPC?

After explaining the details of CPC’s services, it seems like a great fit, right? And it’s not the lavish awards, the versatile services, and all the fantastic equipment they possess. Instead, what stood out to us was the excellent company culture and how well they take care of their staff. This principle is our basis here at EDI and is something we strive for daily. The awards, positive testimonials from our customers, and growth through the years are thanks to our hardworking and dedicated staff. 

EDI owes everything to a top-notch team with us for 30-plus years. EDI noticed the same trend with CPC, as it’s a company that also takes care of its people. They have the same structure of innovation, encouragement, and staff enhancement. With great benefits such as insurance, retirement plans, paid holidays, performance bonuses, training programs, and paid education, referral bonuses, anyone can grow from within the company—the very essence of what makes these two companies such great employers.

EDI is excited about this new venture. Likewise, CPC is excited to join us and grow its potential. Not only as a company but with staff and reputation as well. This dominant merger will expand our services and bring a dynamic into landscaping. Outstanding customer service and outside-of-the-box ideas are what we will get to the table. 

With all our resources and certifications, the sky’s the limit for EDI and CPC. There is a new authority in town regarding landscaping services and property maintenance. EDI is excited to join such a well-respected company; we are excited to see what the future may bring. We are proud to announce the merger of Environmental Designs, Inc and Colorado Property Care to now service our clients and more.

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