Rejuvenation Pruning in Denver, Colorado

December 9, 2020

Rejuvenation pruning is a process that involves cutting a shrub down just above the ground in order to promote the best growing habits. After this process, the right shrub will quickly shoot up new stems. However, not all shrubs should be rejuvenation pruned. We will discuss which shrubs can tolerate rejuvenation pruning, why you need rejuvenation pruning in Denver, and when to do it!


rejuvination pruning in denver

Which Shrubs to Prune

Multi-stemmed, twiggy shrubs are the best for rejuvenation pruning. For example, if a shrub has only one main stem, it is not healthy to rejuvenation prune. In order for this process to work well, the shrubs need to be in overall good health first. It is not wise to prune a shrub that is damaged due to drought. In most cases, it is better to let the shrubs heal before pruning to make sure they survive.


Why Rejuvenate

After shrubs grow naturally for a few years, shrubs can start to look misshapen or crowded. When this happens, there is a lot of unproductive wood. And unproductive wood does not flower or have a lot of leaves. When you cut a shrub back to the ground it will reset, resulting in a more youthful plant that will flower more and can be thinned regularly for upkeep. When utilizing rejuvenation pruning in Denver, more sunlight is provided throughout the shrub, promoting a more youthful habit. Thinning dead and diseased branches helps air circulation which mitigates certain diseases like leaf spot.


When to Rejuvenate

The time to rejuvenation prune is late winter or early spring before flowering starts. You can also rejuvenate a shrub right after bloom to maximize flowering potential for the next season.  This process is done by cutting the shrub close to the ground, and regrowth from the roots is a much more compact, and youthful plant with maximum growth and bloom.


Your Experts for Rejuvenation Pruning in Denver, Colorado

If you are interested in rejuvenation pruning, contact us today! Our plant experts can help get your shrubs to retain shape, size, and disease control over time.