Tree Pruning in Dormant Months

November 27, 2020

While the seasons change and our trees become barren, the best time to prune has just begun! While the trees are dormant and in hibernation, the buds have yet to open. Tree pruning during dormant months has numerous benefits. Our skilled arborists have compiled some of the best reasons to prune during the dormant months below!


Visibility and Safety

While pruning is still an option in the warmer seasons, the biggest advantage to pruning during the dormant months is having no foliage on the trees. Without leaves, the arborists have a much better visual of what branches need to be pruned and what areas may be more difficult to navigate. With no foliage, it also makes the trees safer for our tree climbers to manage. Safety is our number one priority when it comes to tree care, and we take pride in making sure our arborists and our trees are taken care of.


Disease and Pest Management

Without foliage, often it can be easier to spot a diseased area on the tree. During the warmer seasons, fresh cuts can make the tree more susceptible to insects and bacteria/fungi. Many tree diseases spread faster in the spring and summer. Pruning during the dormant season can help prevent the spread of disease and makes the tree less vulnerable to insects. The dormant season is also beneficial in allowing trees the necessary time to heal from the wounds of pruning before new growth begins. Because the trees have an extended time to heal, this allows for more robust growth in the spring and summer.


Weather Protection

Winters in Colorado can be harsh on our plants and trees. Our Arbor team want to make sure all of our trees are winter-ready and in the best position to handle extreme winter weather. Snow can be very damaging to trees, especially in the spring when trees begin to leaf out. Our Arbor team are able to see which branches may be troublesome and may not be able to handle big amounts of snow and wind. It is important to remove weak branches in the dormant months to make the trees more structurally sound.


Experts in Tree Pruning During Dormant Months

Making sure your investment is properly maintained and cared for is our goal. We strive to protect your landscape assets to the best of our ability, in order to make sure your landscapes can mature beautifully and gracefully. Pruning in the dormant months gives our trees the best chance to thrive in the spring. If you have trees in the Denver area that need to be pruned, contact us today!

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