contemporary landscaping trends

Top 4 Contemporary Landscaping Trends

August 24, 2020

Since 1989 we’ve been designing memorable, award-winning landscapes in Colorado. And we always keep our eye out for what landscaping trends are coming next. For example, contemporary landscaping has become a very popular choice for our clients lately! So if you’re looking for some inspiration, here is our list of the top 4 contemporary landscaping trends in Colorado and beyond:

Geometric outdoor tiles

1. Geometric Hardscaping

Also found in fashion and home decor, geometric shapes are now finding their way outside! Small, detailed elements like waves, chevrons, lattices, and basket weaves are a very popular modern landscaping trend. These can be found in stone pathways, tile walls, and outdoor stairways.


Blue Hydrangea flowers

2. Blue Hues

Named by Pantone as its color of the year, Classic Blue is a popular color trend both in and out of the home. sculptures or water features. You could use this modern landscaping trend in both hardscape choices and in gardens, too. For example, choosing plants like blue fortune, delphinium, hydrangea, globe thistle, or grape hyacinth.


Concrete Wall and Ornamental Grass
3. Mixed Materials

Many contemporary landscaping trends feature a mix of materials. For example, sleek, simple concrete pavers paired with lush green grasses and plants. By combining man-made sleek lines with natural elements, you’re left with a very memorable landscape!


Minimalist landscape design

4. Clean and Uncluttered

Minimalist design features are also an example of today’s contemporary landscaping trends. Clean, sleek lines and a small number of carefully-chosen plants help make landscapes feel sophisticated and luxurious.

Contemporary Landscaping Design
Experts in Contemporary Landscaping Trends

We’ve seen a lot of landscaping design trends come and go over the last 30 years, but one thing never remains the same: our commitment to our clients!  We design landscapes that fit each client’s tastes and needs perfectly. So if you’re ready to refresh your home or business’s outdoor style with contemporary landscaping trends, contact us today for a free quote!