Denver mid-century modern landscapes

Denver Mid-Century Modern Landscapes

October 30, 2020

A lot of folks have been asking our Denver Landscape Professionals to help them create a Mid-Century Modern Landscape that flows with their Mid-Century home. Here is a list from our team of top things to focus on when planning your Denver Mid-Century Modern Landscape.


Different Patio Areas

The Mid-Century Modern generation enjoyed postwar prosperity, turning the backyard into what the Smithsonian describes as “an extension of the house, a room designed for relaxing, recreation and entertaining.” For example, they feature seamless transitions from indoors to outdoors. And different patio and seating areas that make outdoor living comfortable. In other words, gardens were meant to be lived in, not just looked at.


Clean and Uncomplicated

Simple, straight lines are an important part of Mid-Century Modern Landscapes. For example, plant in a straight line and use layered plants to accentuate key areas. Or try highlighting a pathway to help it stand out in a bold, symmetrical way. Above all, the landscape should mirror the clean, rectangular lines of the home. It’s important to complement the shape of the home, not take away from it.


Focus on Hardscapes

Choose natural materials like stone, boulders, and timber when designing your Denver Mid-Century Modern Landscapes. It’s important to connect indoor and outdoor spaces, so mild color choices are best. Also, using a mix of materials reenforces the design’s strong lines. That way, no matter how much plants grow they won’t obstruct the clean lines.

Our Landscape Designers and Architects are experts at designing landscapes of all styles and sizes. So if you’re ready to get started on a Denver Mid-Century Modern Landscape for your home or business contact us today for a free quote!