Zen Landscaping in Boulder, Colorado

November 13, 2020

Our experts can create the Zen landscape of your dreams. This includes quiet, meditative gardens and calm places where you can unwind after a long day. Originally created by Buddhist monks as places for quiet reflection, Zen-style gardens have been around for thousands of years. As Zen landscaping experts in Boulder, Colorado and beyond, here are the things you should focus on when planning a Zen landscape!



True Zen gardens don’t often include many plants. However, a more contemporary Zen garden can be tailored to your needs! For example, our landscape professionals recommend low growing ground cover plants to stitch the space together. And including a few larger shrubs or trees in similar shades can evoke feelings of harmony. What’s more, plants like bamboo can be used as dividers to create private areas and outdoor rooms. Our favorite Zen garden plants include Japanese Maples, Bamboo, dwarf conifers, and other creeping ground covers.

Boulders and Gravel

Gravel and boulders are important elements of a Zen garden. For example, boulders represent the desire to withstand natural elements. They are used as sculptural elements in Zen gardens, evoking feelings of simplicity. Gravel is the most crucial element in a Zen style garden. In fact, the act of raking gravel into patterns is a meditative process dating back to the origin of Zen gardens. Raking gravel into patterns can help improve concentration while signifying a certain mood or season. For example, lines raked around larger boulders simulate water ripples, as shown in the photo above.



Placing statues in a more prominent area of the garden is a major focal point for the space. In fact, statues and other figurines are sources for meditation and contemplation. Similarly, water fountains promote meditation by creating a serene and soothing environment. What’s more, moving water can help mask other, more stressful noises in your environment. That’s because Zen gardens should be places of quiet, privacy, and beauty.


Zen Landscaping in Boulder, Colorado

Our Landscape Designers and Architects are experts at designing landscapes of all styles and sizes. If you’re ready to get started on a Japanese-style Zen garden, contact us!