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Sustainable landscaping in Denver, Colorado

June 7, 2019

This charming, yet challenging landscape project in Denver started when this young family wanted to turn their small, flat, yard into a sustainable, and beautiful entertaining space.  We used interlocking arcs, raised planters, ground-level fire, colorful boulder water features and contrasting pavers to create multiple outdoor rooms. This truly custom Denver landscape turned a tiny rectangular space into a dynamic and functional yard for entertaining and enjoying quality family time.

Outdoor Living Rooms

We built raised planters and a raised sitting area to create dynamic elevation changes and further define the outdoor rooms.  The fire pit and water feature take on unique crescent forms to follow the contours of the patio space. Well over half of the plant material is edible or medicinal in one form or another.  Irrigation was broken up into several zones to deal with plant needs as well as sun/shade for sustainability.  Ultimately, we created a truly custom Denver landscape that our clients can enjoy through every season of the year!

Edible garden

Sustainable Landscape Design

When creating a planting plan for a small space it is easy to get carried away and overfill the space.  Through the installation process, the designer worked closely with the homeowner to make sure that the small space was not overplanted and that irrigation zones were created and laid out to minimize the use of water.  We also spoke to a permaculture expert about creating an edible garden and ensuring that the proper soil mixtures were used in the raised planters and as amendment.  We grouped plants by water and light requirements in order to be efficient with water usage while also implementing low-water nozzles.  The most quantifiable recycling of resources is in the front yard walkway where we were able to reuse more than 3 tons of existing flagstone by pulling it up and re-laying it over a new base. There were no specific guidelines required for this site.  However, the homeowner is very conscientious and looked to us to make sure that her yard is not only beautiful but also sustainable.


landscape design


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